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Basement Finishing Can Maximize The Livable Space In Your Chicago Home


Don't turn to anyone else when it comes to basement finishing in Chicago. Look to the pros at Forty-Eight Oaks!

Sometimes the choice is clear when searching for a service to do work in your home: a plumber to fix the shower, an electrician to add a light switch, and so on. On the other hand, there are some jobs where it might seem that more than one type of contractor might be just as good as another. There are two directions you can go when selecting a Chicago remodeling contractor for basement finishing: finding any old general contractor who's willing to do the work for you or locate a basement remodeling expert.

Only Consider The Best When Hiring a Basement Contractor

When selecting between the types of basement finishing services, here are some things to consider:

A basement provides an environment that requires different building materials than the rest of the home. Unfortunately, a general contractor will often install drywall for the walls and ceilings and carpet on the floor; just like they have for the rest of the home. This is a problem that our basement finishing contractors see by the dozens: basements with ruined, moldy drywall and sagging ceilings every day that have been installed by general contractors who just don't realize what happens to these materials in a basement in the long term.

Basement contractors who have a long history in basement finishing are aware of these conditions and are able to prepare a lasting solution for the homeowner. They use well-insulated, completely inorganic materials with a long-lasting warranty that the homeowner will be able to count on. Their basement stays beautiful for decades and will not degrade and need replacement several times over the life of the home.

Basement renovation is a big investment! With the wrong basement finishing provider designing the space, you can be stuck with an ugly, poorly finished space created by a contractor who may not be there for you when the materials begin to decompose in the basement.

We offer all kinds of remodeling contractor services, from attic renovation to flooring installation and more. Call or contact us for a free basement finishing estimate for your Chicago home today!

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