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Attic Renovation Can Expand Your Chicago Home's Usable Area


If you're looking for attic renovation services in the Chicago area, look no further than the remodeling contractor pros from Forty-Eight Oaks!

As the leading remodeling contractor in Chicago, we're proud to offer attic renovation services, among many other remodeling contractor services, for your Chicago home. Our service members have years of experience and attic renovation knowledge under their belts and it's more than evident with every superior result.

When it comes to your Chicago attic, we recommend a yearly inspection of your roof or attic. Many problems can be avoided by making sure your soffit, roof, gutters, and flashing around your chimney are all free from warping, separation, or over-weathering. Any gaps to the outdoors may let in heat/cold, moisture, and pests! Your roof and attic should not go unattended, and that's why we recommend our professional attic renovation services for your Chicago home.

Treat Your Attic With Professional Renovation Services From Forty-Eight Oaks

Attics go unnoticed for months (sometimes years!) leading to unwanted situations. Rotten wood damaged from moisture needs to be replaced, which can become a costly procedure. If damages are not addressed walls and floors may need to be rebuilt and even sometimes the entire attic and roof may need to be replaced.

After an inspection by our professional remodeling contractor, our attic renovation team will recommend the best course of action to seal up any holes and cracks to ensure you are not letting anything in (in terms of weather and pests). Nature will find a way in if it can, so never wait on an attic conversion or attic remodel service!

Once your roof and attic are safely sealed and insulated you can investigate some of our other services, such as basement finishing, bathroom remodeling, or others. Additionally, all of our customers are guaranteed 100% satisfaction with each job that we perform, so if you aren't happy, let us fix it until you are! Let the attic renovation team at Forty-Eight Oaks be your Chicago one-stop shop for repair, installation, renovation, and more!

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