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Superb Chicago Painting To Transform Your Home


We know that hiring house painters and inviting them into your Chicago home for a painting job is an act of trust. Every day, on every job, our remodeling contractors earn the trust of our customers by making sure each project is completed correctly, promptly, and with minimal interruption for the customer, whether you're looking for drywall repair & installation, deck building, or anything in between.

Before we begin painting, you'll meet the crew leader and other painters who will be working in your home. Our remodeling contractors use the right tools and equipment for the job and high-quality paint (whichever kind that the customers prefer) in order to ensure consistently good results. Forty-Eight Oaks painters double-check painting and color choices, set up a dedicated site for tools, and ask about any pets we need to watch out for. We review everything with you before we begin, in order to make sure we understand exactly what you want! Objects and surfaces that will not be painted will be covered and protected, and we prepare the surfaces carefully, knowing that prep work is the most important part of any painting job. Only then do we begin painting. The result of all this preparation is a pleasant painting experience and a beautiful Chicago home to enjoy for years to come.

Why Choose Our Services?

Out of all the house painter services out there, why should you work with us? The team of house painters at Forty-Eight Oaks focuses on nothing but achieving the best work. From house paint color combinations to matching the walls with the decor, we are meticulous with the tiniest of details.

When it comes to interior painting, our painters take their job seriously. Tell us what you want and we'll do the rest. We'll show you the possible house paint color combinations that are perfect for your home. Since we want the result to be as personal as possible, we'll work with your preferences in mind. By combining your ideas with our expertise, we'll nail the right shades for you.

If you are ready to work with the best remodeling contractor for Chicago who knows how to achieve the perfect texture, hue, and mood for your painting project, please contact or call us today for your free, no-obligation estimate.

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