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Exterior Trim Carpentry For Chicago Properties

Exterior trim

If you need exterior trim installation or repair for your Chicago home, look no further than the remodeling contractor services of Forty-Eight Oaks!

Regular wood trim may wear down over time and even rot, taking away your home's curb appeal. This damage can expand to other areas such as your siding, roof, and home structure if not repaired soon. By hiring an exterior trim repair contractor from Forty-Eight Oaks, we will ensure that your exterior trim will last for a long time.

Exterior Trim Service Done Right

If parts of your exterior trim are rotted or damaged, it's better to just replace the whole trim, because your trim won't look good if you repair only parts of your trim, as this will leave a lot of noticeable seams.

With Forty-Eight Oaks, we always try to provide quality trim install & repair work because we love happy clients! We offer a special type of plastic trim that does not rot or become damaged as badly as wood. Both options are available to you and as always, our remodeling contractors are available for professional advice.

We are proud to be a reputable Chicago remodeling contractor and we always make sure to do our exterior trim repairs right the first time. We aim to help homeowners in Chicago and surrounding areas protect their homes from animals, wind, and storms with our exterior trim carpentry services. We take good care of homeowners who are looking to get their home siding done right and with quality services!

Don't settle for less when it comes to the exterior trim of your home. Our remodeling pros have years of experience and industry knowledge. Plus, all of our clients are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction. If you are satisfied with our work, we will fix it until you're happy.

If you're looking for a Chicago remodeling contractor who offers exterior trim services, look no further than Forty-Eight Oaks. We also offer other contractor services, such as basement finishing, demolition, and garage builder services, so ask us about anything that you might have in mind.

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