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How Often Should You Repaint the Interior of Your Home?

How often should you repaint the interior of your home

Painting the rooms inside your home is a cost-effective and valuable way to brighten up and refresh your residence any time of the year. But, if you like the interior colors of your home and don't want to change them, is it really necessary to put all that extra work into painting? At Forty-Eight Oaks, our remodeling contractor team is here to give you some general recommendations on how often you should paint your home. A lot of it depends on how busy your home is and how much traffic these rooms see on a daily basis. Keep reading to learn more.


Hallways receive the brunt of all the traffic in your home. If you walked down your hallway right now, you'd probably spot scuff marks, fingerprints, worn corners, and even small dents. While you can take the time to wash and scrub away those imperfections, eventually you will need to repaint the hallway, giving it a smooth and finished appearance. Our remodeling contractor experts recommend repainting this space every two years or sooner if you have a very busy home.


Kitchens are also a high-traffic area. The type of mess found on a kitchen wall is typically related to cooking. Grease, spatter, and food debris can be found behind the stove and above the counter. Dust and dirt can be found on high spaces that don't get washed often, like tall cabinets or the refrigerator. Like the hallway, you can spend time scrubbing all the food and dirt from the walls of your kitchen. Repainting this room every three to four years will give you a clean, fresh eating and dining space. Plus, you can always change up the color if you'd like to try something different.

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If you realize you need to freshen up your home's interior, but don't want to put all your time and effort into it, give our professionals a call! We're more than happy to give you a free estimate when you contact us today. We provide painting, basement finishing, debris removal, blown-in insulation services, and more, in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

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