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Steps For Hiring The Best Building Demolition Contractor

Steps for hiring the best building demolition contractor

If you have building demolition plans in your future, then you will want to consider the following steps. These steps will help you to successfully secure a remodeling contractor and demolition expert who knows what they are doing, will treat you well, and will finish the job as described.

Step 1: Gather Information

Your building demolition contractor will need to know some information about the building needing to be demolished, such as:

  • What materials are in the building?
  • Do you want to keep the foundation, and how thick is the foundation?
  • How big is the structure you want to demolish?
  • What do the surrounding areas look like?
  • Are there other buildings, power lines, or landscaping that we need to avoid?

Step 2: Estimates

Now that you have your basic information, it's time to call and get estimates. We recommend getting 3-5 estimates. We do not recommend hiring the least expensive building demolition contractor. You get what you pay for, and going with the least expensive option often means you are going with a new company or one that may cut corners.

Step 3: Written Contract

We highly recommend that you obtain a written contract with the building demolition contractor. Within this contract should be the timeline, costs, equipment being used, and work to be completed.

Step 4: Monitor The Job

As the job progresses, we recommend that you check in to make sure that the job is being completed per the written contract.

For Professional Demolition Service, Contact Forty-Eight Oaks

At Forty-Eight Oaks, we have years of remodeling contractor service and demolition experience. We're very experienced in building demolition and aim to provide a professional, timely, and friendly service. Give us a call today to discuss your next demolition project and to get an estimate.

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